Guides of RPGWO Part 1

@@@ Only Commands

 - this allows a player to not take any reduction in LIFE
 - I use this to test monster AI, to see if they behave correctly
 - you can probably use this to test quests or what not
 - this really has no effect if you are already in admin mode
 - i use this to remotely shutdown the game if I can't get to the console
 - please do NOT use this, I only give it for completeness and if I give out the server
 - increases the hour of the game world
 - i used this when ppl would complain sooo much about night
 - no real reason to use this now except maybe in an event in which you want day\
	-Reloads Settings if you change the ini's

/CLIENTADD accountname
/CLIENTDEL accouname
/CLIENTENABLE -activates an account used for player activiation
/CLIENTLIST -shows all accounts
/CLIENTINFO accountname  - displays all the characters for the player
/CLIENT accountname - displays players passwords and email

/EXPORTPLAYER plalyername - exports the players data to a .dat file
/IMPORTPLAYER playername - imports player from dat file
/TRAIN playername, SkillID - Trains a skill for the player
/SPEC playername, SkillID - Specs a skill for the player

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