Guides of RPGWO Part 2

@@ Commands and above

/open filenamehere - opens a script file either a map or your own scripts (ClientSide)
/item name or number
/itemid itemnamehere - finds the itemid given the name
/skillid skillnamehre -finds the skill number given the name
/itemtrail number
/surfacetrail number
/surfacearea number
/surface number

	- /a 
		- admin chat

	- /warp , 

	- /warpme 
		- should never be used unless a player/tame is blocking
		- whenever a player gets stuck, recommend /suicide
		- meant to deal with bugs not careless players

	- /warpmex 
		- warps up to 8

	- /warpto 

	- /warpmefollowers

	- /down

	- /up

	- /whois 
		- gets logon name and IP of player

	- /clientinfo

	- /ruleadd 

	- /ruledel 

	- /boot 
		- use at will on bad players, outdated though, better to use /ban

	- /imagetype , <0 - 4>
		- only use on admins, mainly yourself

	- /jail 
		- outdated, better to just /ban

	- /amotd
		- admin message of the day

	- /globaldelay 
		- setting to -1 turns globals off
		- setting to 0 has no delay
		- never set it lower than 60 unless turning it off
		- generally raise the delay if arguments abound or if
		  the chat is not game related or breaking rules/EULA
		- turns globals off when it is excessive
		- give warning or not, up to you and if you want to be secret

	- /muzzle 
		- turns on or off local muzzle on 
		- rarely used unless a gross offender or you in right place at
		  right time or another player complains
		- use sparingly

	- /muzzleglobal 
		- used the most, you can warn if you want but better to just muzzle
		- note that only you or a @@@ can unmuzzle once a player is muzzled

	- /muzzlepost 
		- stops a player from posting

	- /muzzlemail 
		- stops a player from mailing

	- /rename , 
		- rename if they have an offensive, rude, etc, name
		- if they ask, you are free to charge gold, heh

	- /jailnpc
		- will jail any/all tames you are next to
		- only to be used when tames found in quests, alone or in a city in wrong place

	- /ban , 
		- will ban the player/account for  day(s), a -1 is perm ban
		- best to not perm ban, leave that for @@@, a 7 day MAX is good
		- works if they are offline too, I think
		- to be used when the player is very very bad and muzzle did not settle them

	- /macban , 
		- will ban the computer for  day(s), a -1 is a perm ban
		- best to not perm ban, leave that for @@@, a 7 day MAX is good
		- works if they are offline too, I think
		- to be used when the player is very very bad and muzzle did not settle them

	- /recentclient
		- displays possible multi-clients
		- the list is formed by logons that have matching computer ID or IP

	- /recentclientremove 
		- removes from recent client list and keeps them off it
		- use this after you are satisfied they are not a multi - impossible to tell

	- /stoptame 

	- /playeractive 
		- toggles if they are active(off newb or not)
		- use if they leave accidentally, use first then warp them

	- /plotchat 

	- /ipok 
		- keeps them from showing up on recent client list

	- /topten 
		- should not be globaled or givingto anyone, some players want secrecy

	- /owner
		- use over an item to see who created it, more for admins

	- /undelete , 
		- instance skips over previous matched names cuz player tend to make, delete, ...

	- /clearstats
		- just clears your players stats, obsolete for @@

	- /shadow 
		- broke now

	- /monsterhome
		- send monster you are next to home

	- /monsterfollow
		- makes monster you are next to follow you

	- /monsterchat 
		- picks first monster that is following you and does chat through them

	- /monsterguard
		- makes monster you are next to gaurd

	- /monsternewhome
		- makes monster you are next to this spot their new home

	- /monsterremove

	- /uuid 
		- returns that players UUID
		- UUIDs are used for various things like for player only doors
		- not used much

	- /attune 
		- the players spot is their new resurrect spot
		- when a player attunes to a life stone that makes him trapped then use this
		  once you warp them out

	- /soccer 

	****** Building Commands *******

	- /triggerlist

	- /itemid 

	- /treasureid 

	- /skillid 

	- /monsterid 

	- /water

	- /groundwater

	- /locklist

	- /vendorlist

	- /grass

	****** Restricted Building Commands ******

	- /landnowarp
		- toggle for allowing warp spells
		- used on quest areas

	- /landnopk
		- toggle for forced PK, normal, or NO PK
		- life stones should get NO PK

	- /forest , 

	- /cave 

	- /dig

	- /itemreset [value]
		- used on items you want to go back to the current state like to close/lock doors

	- /itemlock

	- /itemtrigger [value]
		- use on switches/traps and walls to link them

	- /streamadd
		- use to add water to land

	- /streamdel

	- /streamcreate [2 | 4 | 6 | 8]
		- creates a long stream
		- the number is a start direction according to the numeric pad

	- /streamfill
		- enclose/outline an area first then use this to fill it
		- limit to 10 spots since it soo powerful

	- /streamdestroy
		- removes each stream part recursively
		- cut off the portion you want to save then use this on the portion
		  you want to delete
		- very powerful, be careful

	- /streamtrail
		- where you walk, it drops water

	- /addwater
		- kinda obsolete, only useful in ocean, use /streamadd

	- /delwater
		- kinda obsolete, only useful in ocean, use /streamdel

	- /level 
		- levels the land

	- /item , 
		- creates an item in your inventory
		- you cannot give this item to players, it not allowed
		- it created with no degrade and not movable

	- /itemdegrade
		- toggles item degrade

	- /itemmove 
		- makes the item move once per 20 seconds
		- use numeric keypad for directions
		- greater than 9 is raqndom direction

	- /itemtextx 
		- does not mark it with your admin name

	- /itemtext 

	- /itemspawn         

	- /itemspawnlist

	- /itemspawndelete

	- /itemdata [data1 data2 data3 data4 data5 data6 data7 data8]
		- each item type uses the data differently like doors/keys 1-4 is key code and
		  1-2 for weapons/armor is skillid and bonus value, and many others
		- when in doubt ask a @@@

	- /raise 

	- /lower 

	- /surfacefill 
		- does a 3x3 fill

	- /surfacetrail 

	- /surfacetrailwidth 

	- /monsterspawnadd
		- type it to see usage

	- /monsterspawndelete

	- /monsterspawnlist

	- /monsterspawn

	- /mapitemclear 

	- /itemtrail 

Following is used for @@ Player Characters

Also, all the cheat commands work for the super admin and you should not have to
uncheat yourself. Also, no limit on the numbers, like before it was 200.

Sponge Bob?
How do I get that cool image it keeps saying I am not Ready!
Answer: Just name your character Sponge Bob and you can use it.
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