Guides of RPGWO Part 4

@Commands/Mods and above
@Admin Only
- /a 
	- admin chat

Mods & @Admin
/rename playername, newplayername
/muzzle *name*
/unmuzzle *name*
/warpto playername
/warp x,y
/whois playername

UnSorted Commands

/elevation  - gives current land height
/up  - gets you out if you stuck underground
/down  if you on are on top of a cave above ground makes you go below
/password newpasswordhere- changes your password
/suicide - kills yourself
/temp  - displays your temperature and world temperature
/ignorenotices - ignore player entrances and exits
/rule - displays the world rules
/fixwall - fixes walls that are broken from sieges.  You need to be standing on the wall
/s - talk during a siege
/history - shows how picked locks and killed your tames
/karma - displays your karma value
/bitch - shows your bitches (phobos only)
/bitchadd - adds a bitch
/bitchdel - deletes a bitch
/event  lists the current events running in the world
/ver  NOTE- gone since version 1.09Displays plays the server version, server owner and Max Clients anyone can use this cmd
/MAIL -1  deletes all mail

@@/uuid playername -gives their UUID
@@@/EXTRALAND playername - gives the player an extra land claim
@@/NPCGIVEGOLD number - Gives gold to the npc you are standing next to
@@@/GIVEALL ItemId - Gives all players online the item you tell it
@@@/RMETEOR - Makes A random meteor
@@@/EXPORTPERKLIST - exports the perks to a file called server perks.csv
@@@/MONSTERSETMAPCATAGORIES - sets random monster categories in the world
@@@/PLAYERCOUNT - Displays number of players and monsters in world
@@/landnowarp - Toggles if you can warp from the land or not
@@/LANDNOPK - If you can pk or no pk on the land
@@/RACECOUNT Racename - Displays total monsters in that race alive
@@/TOPTEN SkillID - Displays the Topten people for a given skill
@@/Owner - stand over item displays who owns the item
@@/FREEPLAYERSLAND - Playername - gets rid of their land
@@/itemclear playername - Clears the players items
@@/locklist- displays all the locked items and their keycodes
(DIETY)/KARMA playername, amount
@@@/PERKLIST - lists peoples perks
/MONSTERSECTORCATAGORY # - used for wilderness spawns
@@/ITEMTEXTX  Writes text to sign without your name.
@@/SURFACEIXY itemID xpos ypos
@@/MAPITEMCLEAR # - clears land of items by # x #
@@/JAILSET -sets jail location
@/AMOTD -Admin Message of the day
/SHADOW playername -
/admin              Commands=
/imagetype , 
/apartment , , , 
 /monsterspawnadd ,  , , , , , , , , 
/monsterstalker , 
 /ally  , , 
 /fixally , catagory
/wartime# <24hour>

 - this removes all items from a player or admin
 - with the old item bugs, this was useful when a players items got corrupt
 - now, i only use it when an admin is messed up
 - you can probably use it on a player as punishment
 - the results don't show up right away, the player must exit then come back in
 - this works if the player is online or offline
 - don't believe it removes weapons or armor that are armed

 - adds 100 units of water to the spot the player is on
 - it may not show up until the "process world" ends

 - removes up to 100 units of water from the spot

 - this allows a player many things:
  - monsters will not attack you
  - you can attack ANY player, PK or not, low level or not
  - you can be attacked by any player as if you are a monster
 - basically it makes you appear to be a monster but you still show up in /who
 - if you don't want to show up in /who then your client needs to be a "secretclient"
 - Also, when you die, you loose nothing but should drop loot like a monster

Note: all the monster commands must be down while below the monster, so the monster
must be directly above you. When a monster dies, it gets reset to normal.

 - tells the monster to go home and behave as normal

 - tells the monster to follow you within 2 spaces, monsters can see up to 40 spaces
 - if you go outside the 40 range, the monster sits until it sees you
 - this works well if you scout ahead

 - monster will stay at spot and act normally
 - when the monster dies, it will respawn at old home spot

 - the spot will be monsters new home and will act normally
 - it will guard and when it dies the respawn will be that spot
 - this information is not saved when the server restarts (yet)

 - puts the fire item above the player
 - destroys any item that was there
 - easy way for a player-monster to start fires

 - warps as many  monsters it can to your spot
 - I think regular admins have this right as well

 - wipes stats back to 0
 - use in case you make a player too hard or what to re-create
 - it doesn't update the client right so you have to exit and re-enter

Also, super admins have little rights here and there in code.

/ban *name*
/warp X,Y
/image name,#
/warcost $
/warxp #
/waradd *name*
/monstergroup name, #
/monsterspawnadd name
/globaldelay -1
/playervitae *name*, #
/rename oldname, newname
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