Guides of RPGWO Part 5

Seiges Explained:

/autowar -sets autosieges
/warstart - Starts a seige
/warcost # -Amount to join seige
/warls   is to set where they spawn after they die
/WARLEVEL -sets war level
/waradd to add players with gold

For Admin create seiges
/monstergroup spawns monsters around you
/monstergroup giant roach,50

/warstop -end the siege
/warxp #  -- set amount of xp for the siege

Water Commands

 /addwater                     - adds stream water to that spot
 /delwater         - deletes water from that spot

 /streamcreate [2 | 4 | 6 | 8]         - creates a stream that will go  for a max of 100, the numbers are optional and forces the initial
 direction according to the keypad numbers else the direction is random. It does try to follow the elevation, for sure it will not go up a hill, but it might  travel along it, looks kinda weird

 /streamdestroy            - removes any stream water that is connected to it up to 100 use if you don't like the outcome,used with /delwater you can selectively destroy just parts of a stream instead of the whole thing

 /streamfill           - sometimes a stream will loop on it self, to fill it in and make a pond/lake, enter the loop then type this, it will recurse upto 100
 /lakefill             - a more advanced and DANGEROUS  filler, make a crater then use this to fill it up with water or fill
 any hole with water. The /elevation you start it on will be the rim in  which it will not "spill" over. It will fill up to 5000 so you need to be careful. If you screw up, use  /streamdestroy  a lot to fix it, I screwed up and spent some time fixing it heh think that is all of them.


OK, to add a race monster you MUST use
or the monster will be removed on next reboot and the ally code will not
work on them

The word  is only a phrase that is contained in the monsters name,
like grayvyn or dino
and is not defined anyplace or hard coded in anyway.

The default behavior for a race monster is...
 - all players are enemies and will be attacked on sight
 - all monsters (even other races) are friends and will be ignored

The /ally command have a few formats...

/ally 			- will give friend and enemy lists for

/ally , 	- will add or remove a player from the ally
list of 
/ally , 	- will add or remove the monster catagory of
 to enemy list

The  functionality is pretty straight forward but the

and catagory is not...Basically each monster has a catagory, like grayvyns
are all 100

and dinos are all 120. The ally goes by catagory to make thngs easier when
with monsters. So if you add something like Evil Elf, you will get others
like Giant Roach
that don't really fit. But if you add Grayvyn Child, then you get ALL of the

As far as rules with players and allys... do what you want.

Players in ally list can still attack the  but the  will defend

Tames will attack  always unless set to ignore monsters.
Not sure if I should add a /tameignorerace   or something.

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